Sniper Overwatch Skill Builder April 22-23, 2023 Alliance, OH

is a two-day, 16-hour course aimed at developing the skills necessary for the precision shooter to succeed from positions other than prone. Different than Forge SWAT Sniper Overwatch—which is limited exclusively to attendance by LE and Military snipers—it is an open enrollment program of instruction, permitting the civilian student or hunter to learn many of the same techniques which are applicable in environments where the prone position is not available to the shooter.
Emphasis is on best methods utilized to improve delivery of rapid and accurate fire when balanced against constraints of the environment and critical time available. Use of slings, tripods, expedient rests, vehicles, and other features are taught. For the SWAT sniper preparing for Forge SWAT Sniper Overwatch or other advanced sniper courses, this is the training to develop the skills necessary to succeed in those courses as well as in actual deployment.