• HR for LE
    March 26, 2018 - March 29, 2018
    4:00 pm - 12:00 am

Hostage Rescue for Law Enforcement

The Forge Tactical Hostage Rescue for Law Enforcement course is a 4 day intensive program focused on the assaulter role of the HR mission, in the context of domestic SWAT operations.  This course focuses on the capabilities and procedures unique to HR, including the priority of life, crisis site scouting and isolation, technical and human surveillance integration, in extremis assaults, negotiation interface, subject control and sorting, compromise procedures, low light capabilities, and planned team assaults.  

This course is designed for active duty SWAT officers and leaders of full time and part time teams.

Prerequisites:  Active duty police, sheriff or federal SWAT officers, and graduate of a state or federally accredited basic SWAT course.

Equipment List:
Common Sense
M4 pattern carbine and 5 magazines (Carbine should be zero’d when you arrive)
Carbine magazine pouches
Handgun and 3 magazines
Tactical holster
Handheld and weapon mounted lights
SWAT PPE kit (ballistic vest and helmet, and gas mask minimum)
SIMS or UTM kits for carbine and pistol (Loaners will be provided)
200 rounds of 5.56 UTM or SIMS ammunition (available for sale at class for $0.60 per round)
90 rounds of 9mm UTM or SIMS ammunition (available for sale at class for $0.60 per round)
100 rounds of live carbine ammunition
45 rounds of live handgun ammunition
Electronic hearing protection that will fit under your helmet
20 chemlights (Blue Force Gear Marco system recommended)
PID light
Clear eye protection
Water and snacks
Weather appropriate clothing
Pen and notebook